Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Have you ever had percolated coffee? You know, the kind usually in a stainless steel pitcher with a cord? It's the most delicious coffee! However, if you drink it daily, you will probably live a life full of jitters. It's full of caffeine (so I've read on caffeine charts). I never imagined caffeine tasted so good!

Percolating...that's about what The Nest Boutique is doing at this time. It's under wraps, in storage, nurturing its eggs, caring for the very young. Yet, once percolated, it will be even tastier than before!

When might this happen? Well, time will tell and the right time will be just that - right. As for now, I have a home (yes, mine!) to rejuvenate from top to bottom and even more than that. Then...for the big M-day...moving day. It will likely be a series of lot so small m-days. Moving only 2 miles affords that advantage! Maybe a big move would get the process in gear a bit more.

Whatever happens, The Nest is ready to spring forth with new creativity, past whimsy and a unique flair for everyone to enjoy. I can't wait for that day! Until now...enjoy these web sites: (hopefully to be stocked soon w/ vintage goods!)

For beautiful...Elaine