Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

We farmers love rain (at the right time), but too much isn't such a great thing. Plus, when it's going to interfere with Vintage Fest, well, come back another day! Who seems the weather forecast changes by the hour, so we'll just have to see if Vintage Fest is wet. Either way, the show will go on!

With two buildings stuffed to the gills, and the yard ready to house lots of great larger items, Vintage Fest is ready to go! Come by Friday, May 15 or Saturday, May 16 from 9-5 to find great deals on collectibles, vintage treasures and lots of other interesting goods.

What are some items you will find on Vintage Fest if you're an early bird who gets the worm?
***Decades old potholders crocheted with intricate designs and beautiful threads
***Lamps made from unique one-of-a-kind items that can only be considered "treasures!"
***Colorful Pyrex bowls in red, yellow, patterns, turquoise, and more!!!
***Linen kitchen textiles almost pretty enough to frame! Have a special year in mind? We might have a "calendar linen" for you!
***Fostoria glassware is several shades and styles
***Dishes, dishes, of every month of year and more! Solids, patterns, colors and more...full and partial sets

Well....last minute preps await! See you Friday and/or Saturday! Please park on road south of Vintage Fest...concessions onsite, so come w/ an empty stomach!

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