Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the NEW The Nest Boutique blog!

Change is good! I've switched blogging providers and welcome you to I hope to keep communicating with customers and future customers here while my shop is in transition and continue when the move is final.

I left 1024 6th St., Nevada, on a bittersweet note. I LOVED the location, the atmosphere I had created, the customers and everything else, heat (did you notice?!), low ceilings, fluorescent lights, no windows and steps, steps, steps. We can't have it all at once, can we?

I've yet to unveil the new location, or at least show it off, because it isn't ready! The new perks will be ground floor (yippy!), windows, windows, windows, NO steps, heat (no way, really?!), higher ceilings and snazzy new merchandise!

Plus, Soyalux Candles, my flagship brand at TNB, is getting a complete overhaul! At a time when we're all trying to re-examine our financial situation, do something better for our health and the earth (I hope), Soyalux is ready to make a change. I hope you'll be excited to meet the new line!

For beautiful. live beautiful...Elaine

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